Guacamole Tostadas - delicious meatless meal! Tostadas topped with guacamole, queso fresco, and fresh salsa!

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Happy Tuesday!

Can we talk side dishes?

I feel like we have this talk once a month. I’m so bad at side dishes. I don’t even plan them. I’ll plan our main dish for every day of the week and then for sides, I literally write “sides” on my grocery list. And then I stand in the middle of the grocery store wondering what sides I should make.

Why is it so hard?

I picked up a couple bags of the Birds Eye® Protein Blends at Walmart recently. I discovered these back in the summer and went through several bags of the California Style and Asian Style – it’s safe to say I was obsessed. I could microwave them for a quick lunch and I felt good about eating them. Lots of protein, lots of veggies.

And then recently, I realized I could use them as a side for, maybe, a meatless meal (or any meal really) and make my life really easy by just keeping the freezer stocked with them.

I tried the Southwest this past weeks as a side for these tostadas and it was so delicious. It has whole grains, black beans, corn, lentils, red bell peppers, and a zesty sauce. It’s an easy and yummy way to squeeze some extra veggies into your diet.

If you’re interested in trying the Birds Eye® Protein Blends, download the Ibotta app and look for $.50 off any of the 4 varieties : California Style, Asian Style, Italian Style, or Southwest Style.

Let me know in the comments which of the 4 varieties you most want to try!

If you’re looking for a meatless main to have with your Birds Eye® Protein Blends, you should try these Guacamole Tostadas. These are the easiest meal you’ll ever make. Guacamole (homemade or store-bought) is spread onto tostada shells and then topped with shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, and queso fresco.

All the textures, all the flavors, it’s all so good!

Guacamole Tostadas - delicious meatless meal! Tostadas topped with guacamole, queso fresco, and fresh salsa!

Guacamole Tostadas - delicious meatless meal! Tostadas topped with guacamole, queso fresco, and fresh salsa!

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Football Brownies - a cute treat for football season! And so simple!

I know you’re probably tired of hearing about the big game from me but seriously, I can’t wait.

It’s all I can think about.

Well, that and brownies.

How cute are these brownies?!

In preparation of game day, I picked up several boxes of the Pillsbury™ Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix and a few flavors of the Pillsbury™ Creamy Supreme® Frosting at Walmart over the weekend. These are my favorite boxed brownie mix and they’re inexpensive enough that I can stock up on them without breaking the budget. These are great to keep on hand for those times when a chocolate craving strikes or those times your kid waits until 10 pm to tell you that he signed up to bring treats to the class party.

That happens to everyone, right?

I wanted to whip up something super easy because you guys know I’m no fancy decorator but I also wanted it to be cute and football themed.

So I baked the brownies according to the box instructions which cut down the time it usually takes to prepare brownies. And then I just cut footballs out using a cookie cutter. Frosted those with the chocolate frosting and used a zip top bag to pipe vanilla frosting on top to look like little chocolate footballs.

So cute! And easy enough that my kids were able to do the bulk of the work!

Come back next week to see how I #MixUpAMoment using Pillsbury products to create a scrumptious Valentine’s Day treat!

Football Brownies - a cute treat for football season! And so simple!

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Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies - the BEST paleo cookie recipe!

Still hanging in there with the New Years resolution? Finished with that Whole 30 but still trying to eat a cleaner, maybe paleo diet?  I have the perfect sweet treat recipe for you!

Earlier in the year, I got into a bad habit of buying pre-made paleo goodies. Which are super tasty but also super expensive. Especially when you go through a bag of paleo cookie dough macaroons in, like, 10 minutes.

It is definitely a problem.

So I have gone back to making our sweets in an effort to save some cash and we are back to loving having the homemade treats around!

I’ve been making a batch of these Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies on Sunday nights so that we have a sweet (but still paleo) snack hanging out on the counter all week. My husband loves them, even my kids love them! The only problem is that they seem to be disappearing within a couple days instead of lasting the whole week!

And it is probably my alltime favorite paleo recipe. I mean, it’s a cookie filled with chocolate so what’s not to love?!

If you’ve tried a lot of paleo cookie recipes, you probably know that most paleo cookies either have a grittiness to them or a weird oily feel but these are so beyond perfect. I’ve sent them to work with my husband several times and not one person guessed they were paleo. And then they all beg for another batch. They look, taste, and feel just like a regular non-paleo chocolate chip cookie!

This is also a really easy recipe with a really short ingredient list. They take no time to whip together and only bake for about 10 minutes! Serve them warm with a glass of your favorite paleo nut milk! I promise you won’t regret it!

I’m the Paleo Fanatic over at Food Fanatic! This Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe is one of many I’m sharing over there so make sure you check back!

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Tailgate Sipper - perfect cocktail for the Super Bowl! Fresh pineapple, bourbon, and a secret ingredient make these extra delicious!

Happy February!

We’re less than a week away from the Super Bowl! How excited are you?!

I had planned a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras next week which would’ve put me there for the Super Bowl and I was looking forward to cheering for my Broncos with my NoLa fam but it’s looking like I’ll be home in Texas instead.

You better believe that everyone in my house will be wearing Broncos gear head to toe for the game. Including the dogs!


I’ve had a heck of a week and haven’t had time to plan food or drinks or anything for the big game but I’m thinking about something with 10 pounds of cheese and lots of jalapenos.

That sounds good.

Calories don’t count during the Super Bowl anyway, right?

Didn’t I hear that somewhere?

Tailgate Sipper - perfect cocktail for the Super Bowl! Fresh pineapple, bourbon, and a secret ingredient make these extra delicious!

If you are looking for a drink to serve, this Tailgate Sipper would be great for the game! Not only does it have a fun festive name, but it’s also delicious.

Fresh pineapple, bourbon, lemon juice, and a surprise splash of vanilla!

Some of my favorite things!

This is a great recipe for those of us (me!) who don’t like to buy 3 bottles of liquor for one drink. This one just calls for the bourbon! And then you know I buy the already cut pineapple to make my life a little bit easier and the rest of the stuff was already in my kitchen. Really doesn’t get any easier!

Let me know what you plan on making for the Super Bowl in the comments. Bonus points if it includes lots of cheese and jalapenos!

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Weekly Family Menu - featuring 5 dinner ideas, a weekend breakfast, and a delicious dessert!

Happy weekend guys!

I hope you’re enjoying a relaxing one. Last week was total chaos for me so I’m happy to not have anything planned today or tomorrow.

I need a vacation.

We’re changing things up a bit on our weekly family menu plan. No more Meatless Monday (although we’ll still be including meatless meals regularly, I’m sure) and no more labeled days. Plus, we’ve added an extra dessert or snack or appetizer to the list. So a total of 8 recipes now! You’ll definitely find something you want to make.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

For more weekly family menu plans, check out the archives!

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