Grapefruit Pound Cake - the perfect spring dessert! Bright and delicious and really easy! Perfect with fresh fruit and whipped cream!

Happy Tuesday!

I feel like now that the holidays are behind us, I’m in full on spring mode. Which is ridiculous because I’m sure we still have several months days of cold ahead of us here in central Texas.

I put up all my winter candles and brought out my hoard of watermelon lemonade – they just smell like summer! I am buying watery strawberries at the grocery store and pretending they don’t taste awful. I’m even getting aggravated when I have to go back into the house for a hoodie.

For whatever reason, citrus-y baked goods just feel like spring to me so, of course, I’ve got a mile long list of cakes, bars, and cookies that I want to make RIGHT NOW.

I’m obsessed with all things grapefruit, all the time. Sometimes I buy those ginormous tubs of precut grapefruit and I kill it within 24 hours. It’s a problem.

I got the idea of grapefruit pound cake stuck in my head weeks ago and finally had to go for it. Paired with some freshly whipped cream… perfection. It’d be great for potlucks or parties because who doesn’t love pound cake?

Grapefruit Pound Cake - the perfect spring dessert! Bright and delicious and really easy! Perfect with fresh fruit and whipped cream!

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First recipe of 2016! And it’s a good one!

I made this in anticipation of it being cold this week. So that I could talk about how warm and comforting it is but guys, it’s HOT in Texas again. It was so cold that it actually kind of snowed (like 5 snowflakes) days ago and now I’ve got the a/c on again.

I can’t with you, Texas.

(But I’m not gonna lie. I’m second guessing my life goal to move back to Colorado because dang, it’s nice to be able to run to the grocery store in flipflops in January.)

Anyway, how was new years? Mine was a mess. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you about it. But I have been sworn to secrecy so we’re not going to talk about it.


If it’s cold where you are, you should definitely give this Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup a try. It’s really easy, takes almost no time to prepare and it is seriously delicious. I found myself dipping tortilla chips into the pot each time I walked past because I just couldn’t resist it.

The toppings are a must. The best thing about soups like this is all the colorful toppings. Lime, avocado, cheese, tortilla strips! Pile them high – you’ll thank me!

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Weekly Family Menu Plan – featuring 5 weeknight dinner recipes, a weekend breakfast, and a delicious dessert! 

Weekly Family Menu Plan - featuring 5 weeknight dinner recipes, a weekend breakfast, and a delicious dessert!

First menu of the new year!

If you’ve resolved to cook more often this year, I’ve got you covered. This week’s menu features one of my favorite meatless meals, a one pot pasta, an amazing looking roast, and a delicious slow cooker recipe. Plus, pizza Friday, a healthy weekend breakfast, and a yummy dessert!

Back to the grind Monday! Anyone else worried about getting up early? I am SO not looking forward to it. Christmas break went by way too fast. Let’s start counting down to spring break, okay?

Have a great rest of the weekend!

For more weekly family menu plans, check out the archives!

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25+ Healthy New Year Recipes - get the year started right with this list of delicious and healthy recipes!

Happy New Years Eve, y’all!

Have you made a resolution to eat healthier in the new year? I kind of have…? The holidays are just full of bad foods so it’s the right time to get back to healthier eating but, I don’t really have a game plan going into it. Just going to try to eat more salads and less junk. Sounds easy enough, right?

If you have also decided to try to eat a little healthier next month, I have an awesome list of healthy recipes for you to try. There are over 25 healthy dinner ideas, snacks, smoothies, breakfasts – everything to get you started eating a little bit better.

I hope you have a safe and happy new year! Have a delicious glass of champagne, eat one last bad meal, and I’ll see you next year!

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One week to go guys! Eeeeep!

I am SO not ready. It doesn’t feel like Christmas here in Texas (after 4 winters in Colorado) and therefore, I kinda don’t believe that Christmas is next week. I’m in denial.

Nothing’s been wrapped. I still haven’t mailed the gifts that need to be mailed. I have definitely not planned food for the holiday.

So I thought, in honor of me being a mess this year, we could talk about these easy Chocolate-Peppermint Waffle Cookies and 10 ways to make the holidays less stressful.

Because I need both cookies and less stress right now.

10 Ways to Have Less Stressful Holidays

  • Make the holiday dinner easy! Skip the fancy sides and opt for ham or turkey on fancy rolls! Minimal work required and who doesn’t love a sandwich? Pick up a variety of mustard and mayo to keep things interesting.
  • Wrapping Santa presents for more than 1 kid? Use a different wrapping paper for each kid – they AND you will be able to see who’s is who’s at a quick glance.
  • Enjoy the cookie/chocolate/cake/whatever. It’s okay to indulge sometimes.
  • Having overnight guests? Make sure the bathroom is stocked with fresh towels, seasonal hand soap, and Cottonelle® Ultra Comfort Care or Scott® 1100 toilet paper.

  • Pick one or two easy Christmas cookie recipes (like these Chocolate-Peppermint Waffle Cookies or these or these!) and stick with it. Fight the urge to make 15 varieties!
  • Stay home! I know, I know, we all want to see family but traveling is stressful! Skip the cross country flight and use Skype instead.
  • An easy way to add cute decor to your living space? Kleenex® Perfect Fit holiday canisters are super cute and something we all could use in our home this time of year!

  • Go for a quick run. Ugggghhhhh, I hate myself for including but dang, don’t you feel better after a workout?
  • Say no. It’s okay to skip the cookie swaps, the Christmas parties, the gift exchanges. I promise it’s okay.
  • Use Viva® Vantage® paper towels have a scrubby texture to clean up all your holiday messes. A Viva® paper towel is also perfect for catching sprinkles while decorating cookies for Santa!

If you need an easy cookie recipe, this is it. It isn’t really quick unless you have one of those fancy waffle makers that makes 6 at a time but it was kind of mindless work – you know what I mean? Like, I was doing dishes and wiping the counters in between cookies.

I also really love using a waffle iron. So.

They’re really delicious and depending on how long you cook them, they can either be cakey or crispy. If you want cakey, do only a minute. If you want a more crisp cookie, cook closer to 2 minutes.

The glaze is absolutely delicious. If you love peppermint this time of year, these are definitely the cookies for you!

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