This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

Remember how I went shopping at The Home Depot and bought a bunch of beautiful herbs and then told you I was keeping them inside until the cold weather finally passed us? I actually managed to keep them alive and they were big and healthy and loving life. Well, it kept snowing and kept snowing – I swear we had more snow in the past month than we had all winter. Eventually the herbs did make their way outside and I planted them without any help from my husband so they weren’t exactly beautiful but they were planted. And they lasted approximately 2 days outside before this happened:

She was all “#digin? Don’t mind if I do!”

The funny thing is that my husband and I previously had more than one conversation about how he didn’t trust her to stay away from the herbs and I kept saying “Psssh, she’s a DOG! She’s not going to eat lavender!” I was so wrong. After she was done destroying everything, she ate every herb she could find.

So it was back to Home Depot for me.

They didn’t have the huge selection they had last time but I got most of the herbs I use on a regular basis: cilantro, mint, thyme, parsley, chives, sage, cilantro, and a couple kinds of basil.

I came home and got them planted almost immediately. In the front yard so you-know-who can’t get to them!

We still had some potting soil leftover and plenty of slow-release organic fertilizer so we should be good to go now. Our biggest issue when it comes to keeping these babies alive will be the sun. Since we’re at about 6,000 feet here, the sun is ridiculous and you can literally spend 5 minutes outside in the summer and smell like burnt skin. The herbs are on our porch now where they’ll get lots of shade in the mornings and then lots of sun in the afternoon so hopefully that keeps them alive and growing.


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

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