This week’s Project Pastry Queen recipe was chosen by Katy of Katy’s Kitchen. Katy chose the Jailhouse Potato-Cinnamon Rolls which I have been waiting to make since I got the book.

These cinnamon rolls call for mashed potato to be added to the dough. Weird, right? The purpose of the potato is not for taste but to add a softness to the dough that you wouldn’t achieve with just flour. You can’t taste it in the finished product (although my husband swears he could) but you can definitely tell that they are softer than other cinnamon rolls.

The dough is… a pain, to say the least. Thanks to the power of Twitter I had already been warned by Shawnda that the dough was ridiculously wet. I cut the potato water in half and think I could have gotten away with even less. The dough was so soft that it was hard to work with. It was one of those doughs that spreads itself into a rectangle as soon as you put it on your workspace. Sure, less work for me but that’s not a good sign, especially when you have to roll the dough next.

You know how when you roll cinnamon rolls the roll stays tight and in a, well, roll as you slice them? Yeah, not this dough. As I was rolling it, it was spreading and falling and doing many other things that you should never use to describe cinnamon rolls. It was frustrating and resulted in some long, skinny cinnamon rolls.

The cinnamon rolls were awesome though! So worth the trouble. They were so soft even after being reheated and the filling was sweet, spicy, and just delicious. I think they might be my new favorite but I will work on the recipe to see if I can get some pretty round rolls.

Make sure you check out Katy’s blog for the recipe and then hop around the Project Pastry Queen blogroll to see if these guys gave everyone else trouble.



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