Happy November 1! Can you believe it? I feel like October flew by!

Today I have the Project Pastry Queen post that I was supposed to get up yesterday. Whoops! I’m not a breakfast cook (sorry husband) so I kept forgetting to make these pancakes last week and finally had to write it on my to-do list for today! I have Katy to thank for making me use my brain way too early in the morning!

Remember when I made that trip to Minnesota to hang out with Betty Crocker? Well, if I learned one thing on that trip it’s that I have a deep love for Bisquick. Since that trip we’ve had Bisquick pancakes for dinner more times than I care to admit and I haven’t given actual pancake recipes a thought.

These pancakes? Taste just like my beloved Bisquick ones. Just. Like. Them. They even got nice and fluffy like the Bisquick ones! If I ever run out of the mix, I know where I can find a recipe to make me happy!

I did find the recipe to be a little thin as written so I added almost a full cup of flour to the batter which ended up giving me a lot more pancakes than I’d bargained for. If you’re not interested in having 23 pancakes and don’t like thin cakes, you might want to cut down the buttermilk.

Go visit Katy to get this delicious recipe and then check out the Project Pastry Queen page to see how everyone else did.



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