This week’s Project Pastry Queen recipe is the Almond Bliss German Chocolate Cake, chosen by Danmy. This was another recipe I had overlooked in the book because there is no picture. I would’ve made it months ago if I’d known it was there!

Despite really loving German chocolate cake, I only make it once a year, on my mom’s birthday. I do the same recipe every year because it’s seriously delicious but I’m always willing to give a new recipe a try. I’m just sad that I couldn’t take a piece to my mom!

The cake really is pretty standard as far as German chocolate cake goes but the icing is a different story. It’s made with cream of coconut (found with the Margarita mixes and such in the grocery store) instead of evaporated milk and almonds instead of the pecans. I definitely prefer the traditional pecans but the cream of coconut was a nice addition. I also found the icing a little… drippy so you might want to cook it a little longer than the recipe specifies.

Other changes I made:

  • Did 2 layers instead of 3. Because I only have 2 pans. Three layers would’ve been much prettier. I had to bake it a little longer since the cakes were thicker – maybe 6 or 7 minutes.
  • Halved the sugar in both the cake and the icing. They were perfectly sweet without the extra sugar.

Danmy will have the recipe over at her blog. And make sure you visit all the other Project Pastry Queen blogs to see everyone else’s cake!



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