Doughnut S'mores! These are a must make for summer. Milk chocolate and toasted marshmallows on a warm glazed doughnut!

Hi guys, happy Friday!

I’m totally cheating with the final post for S’mores Week.

There’s not even a recipe.

But if you follow me literally anywhere, you know that my favorite hobby is taking a glazed doughnut and making it into a breakfast sandwich so when I bought a dozen doughnuts for sandwiches this week, I knew s’mores had to happen.

All I did was slice a glazed doughnut (from Shipley’s if you must know) and then I heated it cut side down in a pan just until it was warm enough to melt the chocolate a little bit. And then I used the classic Hershey’s bar and a couple big marshmallows that I toasted on my stove. Then just smushed it all together and took photos of it outside while the neighbor kids asked me a million questions about what I was doing and why.

Yes, these are really sweet. Yes, they are amazing. And yes, you should chase it with a bacon, egg, and cheese doughnut sandwich.

Click for the full recipe