Delicious Lemon Poppy Seed Scones with a lemon glaze. These are the perfect spring breakfast!

Lemon Poppy Seed Scones - tender scones with a delicious lemon glaze! They make the perfect breakfast!



My kid has pinkeye.

And, like, I knew it was coming when he came home from school on Monday and said, “So-and-so has a pink eye!” Because once one 5 year old has pinkeye, all the 5 year olds are going to have pinkeye.

BUT STILL. Pinkeye is the worst.

And, of course, as soon as I realized he had it, my eye started itching and then I sneezed and realized that it’s just because I had all the windows open and am allergic to everything outside. #blessed

So, yeah,  I’ve banned him from going anywhere near his brothers so that maybe we can avoid spreading it to everyone.

Also? Nothing is more frustrating than trying to put drops in a 5 year old’s eyes.

Y’all. Just don’t send your kids to school when they have pinkeye.

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Lemon Meringue Pie Bars - buttery shortbread crust with tart lemon filling, topped with fluffy meringue!
Happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was fabulous. I spent mine recovering from our roadtrip.

You guys, we drove through Houston when it was still raining. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. And OF COURSE I’d planned to stop at a doughnut place and was dumb enough to get off the interstate because it didn’t click in my pea-sized brain that Houston was flooded.

Survived that, got back on the interstate, and the freakin’ interstate was flooded.

I spent a solid 2 hours in Houston trying to figure out how I was going to save all 3 kids and the dog if the Jeep got swept away.

No, I don’t overreact. Why do you ask?

I don’t recommend coming to Texas until it’s done raining. Just stay away. Not a good situation.
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Glazed Lemon Cookies - soft lemon cookies with a deliciously tart glaze!

Happy Monday! Errr… let’s try to make it a happy Monday!

I have cookies to make your Monday a little less horrible.

Yep, still really loving all things lemon right now. I don’t know what my deal is but I can’t get enough.

I made these Glazed Lemon Cookies yesterday and then ate 5 of them before I even took pictures. It’s a problem.

Glazed Lemon Cookies - soft lemon cookies with a deliciously tart glaze!

These cookies were really simple. One of my cookie pet peeves is finicky dough. Like, if you don’t chill it, they spread too much. If you don’t flatten them out, they stay in strange little balls. You know what I mean?

I just want cookie dough that I can put on the baking sheet and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Why is that so hard?!

Anyway, these cookies do exactly what they are supposed to do. I just rolled them into balls and placed them on the baking sheet and they spread out into perfect little cute cookie shapes.

And they’re so soft and amazing! The glaze is just the right amount of tart.

You see why I had 5 of them?


Glazed Lemon Cookies - soft lemon cookies with a deliciously tart glaze!

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Things that happened this week.

  • Fat baby (who isn’t a baby) took all the post-its off recipes I want to make in several cookbooks and put them on recipes that he wants me to make.
  • Husband made me mad and came home with bacon guacamole as an apology. Because you can buy my love with bacon guacamole.
  • I became addicted to Pretty Little Liars podcasts. (Extra weird because I was kind of over the show.)
  • Fake Ginger hit 10,000 Facebook likes! Woooo!
  • HEB suckered me into buying Home because they had coupons for $5 off the movie and then you got Swedish Fish and popcorn free. You know I love Swedish Fish. Anyway, I cried multiple times during the movie. Because Disney movies have that effect on me.
  • I bought a new bundt pan! Hooray!

I broke my new bundt pan in with this Lemon-Lime Pound Cake!

Yeah, it’s like that 7Up Pound Cake that your mom or your grandma probably made and it’s fabulous. I think pound cakes are my ultimate favorite cake. That or angel food cake. I just love a plain cake. They make the perfect base for fruit or whipped cream or like this one, lemon-lime glaze and candied lemons.

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I am having the worst writer’s block recently. I have several recipes that I’ve made and photographed but I just can’t come up with anything to talk about.

My life is so boring right now, guys.

And yeah, I know my life of Pyrex-hunting, dog parking, and grocery shopping in Colorado Springs wasn’t exactly exciting but it was more exciting that my life right now.

We sold my husband’s car before the move and it’d make no sense to buy another one because hashtag deployment so we’re toughing it out. Which means I’m home all. the. time. 

And uggggghhhh, I’m so bored. 

Anyway, I’m gonna tell you the story of selling my husband’s car.

Also known as the day I almost killed my husband. Twice.

It took months to convince my husband we needed to sell his car. (Which is a total exaggeration because we only had 6 weeks to prepare for the move but whatevs.) He was convinced the Army would pay to have it shipped. And I was all, “Bro, I’ve been waiting for a referral from Tricare since October – the Army isn’t paying for anything they don’t absolutely have to.”

So literally 3 days before the movers came, he finally agreed. 

Our neighbor told us to take it to Carmax (which I highly recommend – they were awesome) and after they looked at the car, made an offer, blah blah blah, my husband says, “I think I threw the registration out.”

Yeah, he cleaned the car out before we drove down there and threw EVERYTHING out. EVERYTHING. 

So we drove the 30 minutes home, dug threw the trash (that was already at the street for pickup), found the registration and drove back. 

And then he realized he didn’t have the title either. 


So back home we went but he didn’t remember seeing the title in the car so we tore apart the house because at this point, I’m panicking. I didn’t know what we were going to do if we had to move this car with us.

Around this time I also realized that I’m a hoarder because while tearing apart my closet, I found prescription packaging from, like, 2006. And paystubs from earlier than that.

So he eventually found the title. In a bag that went to Afghanistan with him.



And then, 5 hours after starting this ordeal, we finally got rid of the dang car. And then got Chinese food as celebration of not having to take a 15 year old car with no a/c on a 2 day drive to Texas. 

Anyway, Glazed Lemon Bread! 

I finally remembered to buy baking powder and baking soda and all that! And this was delicious. In fact, I had a perfectly Paleo day yesterday and ruined it with a slice of this. Because I have no willpower. 

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