King Cake Bread Pudding – cubed king cake baked in a sweet custard and topped with vanilla ice cream. Perfect for Mardi Gras!

King Cake Bread Pudding - cubed king cake baked in a sweet custard and topped with vanilla ice cream. Perfect for Mardi Gras!

BF was standing over my shoulder while I was editing these pictures (because I move a stool to the kitchen island for computer work, instead of, you know, sitting at a desk) and I asked him if the melted green sprinkles right in the front of the photo looked unappetizing.

He said he didn’t even notice it until I mentioned it which means you probably didn’t either but now it’s all you’ll be able to see when you look at that picture.

Because my King Cake Bread Pudding is oozing green stuff.

And then there’s that creepy gold baby that I’ve somehow kept track of since we lived in Alabama. And we left Alabama  in 2011.

I’m a big fan of throwing out everything I own a couple times a year but somehow this creepy gold baby keeps making the cut.


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King Cake Cupcakes

As you guys know, I’m from Mobile, Alabama which is known for many things. Most of which I don’t actually remember because… well, because I’m me. But here are some of my faves:

Dropping a moonpie on New Years Eve.

The Battleship.


The Senior Bowl.

And having the first Mardi Gras celebration in the States.

True story.

I bring this up every Mardi Gras because if there’s one thing us Mobilians hate it’s overhearing someone talk about how Mardi Gras is from New Orleans. 

Seriously, 99% of my Mobile Facebook friends belong to the “Mardi Gras was in Mobile before New Orleans was even a city” FB group. 

We get to claim it. Take that, New Orleans!

(For the record, I love New Orleans Mardi Gras, too. I just like Mobile’s a smidge better.)

Anyway, Mardi Gras has long been my favorite holiday and even though it’s not celebrated here in Colorado, I still sit on my front porch and throw things at the neighbors when they walk by.

Just kidding. But I want to.

King cakes are one of the many things I love about Mardi Gras! If you’ve never had one, it’s like a giant cinnamon roll shaped in a ring and then it’s iced and covered in Mardi Gras sprinkles. Or, you can make my favorite kind which has the cinnamon roll thing going for it but also has a sweetened cream cheese filling. It’s to die for. 

And that’s what these King Cake Cupcakes are except to make life easier for all of us, I used cans of crescent rolls. So really, these guys took absolutely no time to throw together. 

You should definitely make them Tuesday for Mardi Gras or Sunday for Joe Cain Day!

King Cake Cupcakes

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So I lied to you.

Valentine’s Day isn’t my favorite holiday after all. Mardi Gras is! I guess living in Colorado made me completely forget about Mardi Gras because it didn’t even occur to me that Fat Tuesday is next week until I started seeing photos from Mardi Gras balls in my Facebook stream. But yeah, it’s definitely my favorite and the one I most looked forward to when I lived in Mobile.

Since we don’t really get the opportunity to celebrate in Colorado, I had to make these super cute king cake cupcakes! (Please ignore the creepy babies. This should be the last year you have to look at them.) I used a box mix to make the cupcakes but made my cinnamon buttercream that I love so much to make them a little more king cake-like. And then I topped them with the tiniest little king cakes made from vanilla wafers!

If you are celebrating Mardi Gras this year (I’m jealous) you should totally make these! Everyone who saw them went nuts over how cute they were.

Nicole made hurriances! One time, many years ago, a friend of mine caught her hair on fire from a flaming hurricane at a bar. It was arguably one of the best nights of my life.* So go make hurricanes! Throw beads at whoever you live with! And have a good time!

*She was fine. It was put out quickly and we laughed about it for days. I’m really not heartless.

King Cake Cupcakes
  • 24 white or yellow cupcakes box mix or homemade
  • 1 batch cinnamon buttercream
  • 24 vanilla wafer cookies
  • green purple, and yellow food coloring
  • clear sprinkles
  • plastic babies optional
  1. To make the tiny king cakes, put about 1/4 cup of frosting into 3 bowls. Add green food coloring to one bowl, purple to another, and yellow to the last. Mix until you get your desired color.
  2. For each king cake, take a vanilla wafer and frost a small section with each color. Top with clear sprinkles and a plastic baby if desired.
  3. Frost the cupcakes as normal and top with a tiny king cake.