Rich and fudgy Classic Brownies with pecans! These delicious brownies will fix all of your chocolate cravings!

Classic Brownies - rich and fudgy classic brownies with pecans! These will fix all of your chocolate cravings!

In typical me form, I’ve allowed Big Brother to take over my life.

I am watching the feeds for hours every day (although I’m currently marathoning the Heroes vs Villains season of Survivor – random, much?), I listen to Big Brother podcasts while I cook, I watch and rewatch the episodes.

In other words, I have a problem.

I didn’t think it was a big deal until the other day. Clementine woke me up in the middle of the night to go outside and as we’re going down the stairs, I say to her, “See Clem! This is why no one wants to be in an alliance with you! You wake everyone up 30 minutes after they fall asleep!”

I mean. What? Where did that even come from?

So if I’m not cooking or blogging much this summer, it’s because I’m too busy yelling at my dogs that I’m not taking them to the final 2 with me and even if I do, no one’s going to vote for them.

It’s probably time to back away from the Big Brother, huh?

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Happy Monday! 

It’s a happy Monday indeed because today the movers come, our new couch gets delivered, AND the internet will finally be installed. 

I can’t decide if I’m more excited about the internet or the Keurig. 

I bought instant coffee but forgot that we have no pots so I’ve just been using hot water from the tap to produce lukewarm, chunky instant coffee.


So, we’re really liking the area.  Which isn’t something you hear. Ever. 

It’s really small so it’s very different from what we’re used to but it’s not nearly as bad as everyone said it was going to be. I won’t be taking leisurely strolls through Killeen any time soon but I don’t hate it. 

I miss a couple things though.

I miss having zero humidity. My hair won’t do anything I want it to.

I miss having no green stuff. No, not that green stuff. Colorado has plenty of that. 

The trees and the grass and the flowers…. ugh, they’re killing me. 

I’m allergic to trees. And grass. And probably flowers. 

But the flowers are so prettttty! 

Anyway, the boys ran out of clean clothes a few days ago and I spent a small fortune at Old Navy getting them all enough to make it through until the washer and dryer get here. 

Other than that, my life has been walks, In-N-Out, and hard cider on the back porch.

Not a bad way to live.

I made these cookies in a desperate attempt to use up all the flour (which btw, I think the movers packed the flour and I didn’t think they would and I feel like I should probably just throw it away because it’s been in storage for over a week now. Ewww…?) and I was pretty happy that I did.

There is almost nothing Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies can’t fix. These were so delicious and I kind of wish I had some now. They may be the first things I make when I get all my kitchen stuff unpacked! 

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Today is day 4 of Spring Break and I have slept past 7 am exactly zero days.

What is wrong with me?!

I did take 2 naps yesterday, though, which was pretty awesome. Also, it snowed yesterday and that is SO not okay. 

Anyway, we’re continuing to clean out the freezer and things are getting desperate. I’ve finally made it through the mountains of salmon I had in there and now I’ve got a tiny mountain of tilapia to deal with.

I will never eat fish again after this.

Buuuut, I’ve finally figured out how I like salmon. I always thought I didn’t like it but it turns out that I just don’t like it hot. So I’ve been cooking it, letting it cool to room temp, an then loving it.

This Maple Pecan Salmon is my current favorite way to have it. It’s really easy and the best thing about fish is how fast it cooks. This is ready in about 20  minutes! And, like I mentioned, I’ve been letting it cool and then I put it over spinach with some veggies and my beloved Newman’s Own Lite Honey Mustard Dressing – so good! 

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Can we talk about how nice it is to have the kids back in school after Christmas break? And can I also mention how nice it is that my husband’s still on leave so yesterday, when it was 10 degrees and snowing, I didn’t have to leave the house to take anyone to school? 

I’m kind of loving life right now.

So yeah, it snowed all day yesterday which was exciting because we had 0% chance of snow. Oh, Colorado weather people. Always wrong. About everything. 

It was “freezing rain” (is that just a fancy way to say sleet?) for the first few hours of the day so when I decided to just jog down the road to grab our trashcan since I already had my workout gear on, I got a big surprise when I nearly busted my butt on the sheet of ice that was our sidewalk. 

This is why I don’t leave the house when it’s snowing. 

Needless to say, grocery shopping was canceled yesterday. No way in heck was I putting boots and a coat on when I can just stay in my warm house and make coffee cake. 

You guys know that I love coffee cake. I think it may be my favorite cake ever. Like, I think it’s actually surpassed grocery store birthday cake for the top cake spot. That’s big.

This one is so good. My husband and I are still doing paleo so we both cut the tiniest sliver off to taste it and both of us were all “OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!” because we’ve been eating nothing but meat and vegetables.

(And maybe some Gushers. I’m weak.)

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 It’s almost the weekend! Yay! 

You guys, so much snow. So much cold. 

Y’all know I’ve been doing my snow dance since August but I really, really didn’t mean to wish these negative temps on us.

It’s November, Colorado! Get your act together!

We had a high of 7 yesterday.


Seven degrees.

That literally hurts. And, of course, Penelope (the husky) wants to go outside every 10 minutes when it’s snowing. This means that I have to stand there at the back door and watch her or else she’ll open the gate and leave. So I froze all day, standing in front of the back door, watching Penelope eat ALL THE SNOW.

I still love the snow though. I’d just love it a little more if it was, you know, 20 degrees out there. 

I made these bars the other night in preparation of what I thought was a definite snow day. Who doesn’t cancel school when it’s 3 degrees out and snowing like crazy?! We’ve had school canceled for much less around here.

But anyway, I wanted to have some treats on hand since I’m still off wine and I need something to get me through a day stuck in the house with all 3 of my children and the hairy child that throws herself at the back door 6 times an hour.

So good. They’re oatmeal bars with chocolate, pecans, and caramel in the center. I don’t know what it is but I’m just crazy about anything with oats right now and these are definitely my new favorite. And they’re super simple since you use the same dough for both the base and the topping. 

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