Strawberry Upside Down Ricotta Cake – delicious moist ricotta cake with juicy strawberries on top! The perfect spring and summer dessert!

Hi guys!

Okay, I know I said we were doing pizza every Sunday for the entire year but I’m tired of pizza. Pizza’s a lot of work. Also? I get a lot of unsubscribers every time I post a pizza recipe.

I mean, y’all could’ve told me you were sick of pizza.

So. We’re having cake today.

I’m still going to use my Sunday post to share random photos from my week and talk about what I’m reading, watching, and loving. But we’re gonna take a break from pizza for awhile.

I’ve tested this cake recipe twice in the last couple weeks and both times, it’s disappeared from my kitchen within hours. You’re definitely going to want to make this one now that the strawberries are starting to look good.
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