Are you a snacker? I’m totally a snacker. I’ve tried to break the habit but I just can’t. So I’m forever looking for healthier snacks that also taste delicious.

I purchased this box of Weight Watchers® Endorsed Jolly Time Healthy Pop microwave popcorn at Walmart recently and I’m in love.

100 calories!


In a whole bag!

I’ve had popcorn as my evening snack every night since I bought this. I’m much more of a crunchy, savory snacker so it is perfect for me. Jolly Time Healthy Pop also received the first ever Good Housekeeping seal of approval for a food brand!

I wanted to create a recipe with the Jolly Time Healthy Pop microwave popcorn but I wanted to do it without adding a ton of calories.

Sure, we could cover it in chocolate and caramel and it’d be delicious, but let’s be real. Bikini season is here.

Anyway, my favorite flavor combo is salt and vinegar and you can add both of those to the popcorn for less than 5 calories. It’s the perfect snack for someone like me who wants to snack while I watch my nightime reality TV but wants something healthy. Plus it’s nice to have the individual sized bags of Jolly Time Healthy Pop microwave popcorn so that I don’t go overboard. There are plenty of other Weight Watchers® Endorsed foods available at Walmart, too. Like Weight Watchers® Endorsed Sandwich Thins by Arnold®, Orowheat®, and Brownberry®, Weight Watchers® Ice Cream Novelties, Weight Watchers® Sweet Baked Goods, and Weight Watchers® String Cheese.

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