I hate whoopie pies. I think they are the lame cousin of the moonpie and have no place in this world. But, I think I accidentally made some recently.

It never even occurred to me that the Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies that I love so much were whoopie pies until I started making this knockoff. With their soft cakes and sweet frosting inside, they fit all both of the whoopie pie requirements even if Wikipedia wants to say that whoopie pies can only be chocolate or pumpkin.

These guys rocked my world last week. The cake part is so close to the Little Debbie kind! The only difference I can taste is the cinnamon which just makes them better. The frosting is spot on. There’s nothing you could add or take away that would get it any closer to the original. It’s perfect.

A few things to note: the batter is finicky. I had to throw away the first 2 pans that came out of the oven because they spread so much. Refrigerating the batter for about an hour solved the problem but it was just a pain that I hadn’t expected. Also, the cakes are very soft and need to be stored with parchment paper between them so they won’t stick. And finally, you should probably double the batch. They’ll go fast.


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