Hi! I’m Amanda, a single mom of boys, crazy dog lady, and taco enthusiast.

My boys and I live in central Texas with our 3 dogs. I’m originally from south Alabama and the Army took us to Colorado for a few years before finally bringing us here to Texas. 

I started Fake Ginger back in 2009 when I was a new mom and didn’t know anything about cooking or baking. It was my way of teaching myself to cook and giving myself an excuse to try new things. It’s how I discovered that my favorite thing to make is homemade bread! 

And because it’s the question I get asked most often, I called my blog Fake Ginger because I used to dye my hair red and ginger is one of my favorite flavors! 

My blog is all about family-friendly food that still tastes delicious. I like my kids to try new things and thankfully, I don’t really have picky kids. I’m not picky at all and the only thing I absolutely refuse to eat is celery or anything made with celery seeds. 

I try to keep my recipes simple and without any fussy or expensive specialty ingredients. I live in a small town and I have no desire to drive an hour to get to a Whole Foods for one ingredient. 

My work has been featured in and on Men’s Health, Huff Post, Buzzfeed, Country Living, Yahoo Food, InStyle, and many more. 

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