I’ve been hesitant to post many baking recipes since moving up into the mountains because everyone has me scared about high-altitude baking. It’s all I’ve heard since we found out where we would be moving so I was pretty terrified. But honestly? I haven’t had any real issues. My 4th of July cake fell apart when I cut into it but I had also used meringue powder instead of egg whites because I always run out of eggs at the worst times. So maybe I’ve just been lucky? Who knows.

Anyway, any recipe I come up with on my own may have weird baking times for awhile (like with 10-15 minute variation) just because I’m worried that I’m having to cook things longer than anyone at sea level would. Just keep an eye on things as I’m sure you already do!

These cookie bars turned out so yummy. They’re like a cross between a cookie cake and a blondie. Not as thin as a cookie cake but not as dense as a blondie. My boys tore through them and have already asked me to make them again.


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