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This post sponsored by Primo® Water. All opinions are my own.

Homemade Sports Drink – easy homemade electrolyte drink made with highly purified Primo water. Skip the store-bought (and the single use plastic bottles!) and make your own sports drink with fresh orange juice, lemon juice, honey, and pink Himalayan salt.

Let’s talk about water!

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, but do you know what’s in your tap water? Nope. Because there’s really no way to be sure that tap water is safe.

I work out at least 5 days a week, I live in the Texas heat, and I’m in the sun pretty much every day with my kids. I drink a lot of water and I like to know that it’s safe.

But I also don’t want to buy bottles of water because I try my hardest to avoid single-use plastics. Single-use plastics aren’t always recycled even if you send them to the recycling plant. It’s just best to avoid them as much as possible.

We put a Primo water dispenser in our kitchen a few weeks ago and not only have I found that everyone in my house is drinking more water, but I feel good about the quality of the water they are drinking.

Primo water goes through a reverse osmosis process that results in a highly purified, healthier drinking water that removes (or drastically reduces) chlorine or chlorine by-products, bacteria and parasites, heavy metals (including lead and mercury), trace levels of pharmaceuticals, and even more contaminants.

I’m sure you’ve seen the Primo refill stations (they may say Glacier water – it’s the same brand!) at your grocery store or Walmart or Home Depot. Pretty much anywhere. If you haven’t seen them, you can find one near you using the Primo water finder.

Anyway, it’s super easy to refill a Primo water bottle at these stations. There’s one in the Walmart closest to my house so I can take my bottle with me and refill it when I’m grocery shopping.

And there’s one outside of the HEB near my house so I can refill it without even going into the store! I love the outdoor ones because you swipe your card there and it’s a quick, less than 5 minute process to get purified water.

If you want to start refilling your Primo water bottle, you can shop for a non-spill cap so you don’t have to worry about spills in your car on the way home.

Each 5 gallon Primo water bottle saves 1,100 single-use plastic bottles from the landfill (or ending up in the ocean!) and like I mentioned, that is really important to me. I see no reason to be buying small bottles of water when it’s so simple to get 5 gallons of purified Primo water right in your kitchen.

And it’s super affordable! It’s under $2 for me to refill my bottle at my local HEB and if you think about it, you’re going to spend almost that much on a single small bottle of water.

I have the Deluxe Bottom Loading Water Dispenser and it is incredibly easy to put the bottle into the water dispenser. It’s as simple as putting the tube into the water bottle and pushing the bottle into the dispenser. There’s no lifting a 5 gallon bottle onto the top – it literally just slides into the bottom of the dispenser. And then the door closes, and the dispenser looks really sleek and cute. It matches my kitchen perfectly. I love it. 

It has buttons for ice cold, cool, and piping hot water. It also has a safety feature to prevent children from accidentally dispensing hot water which I appreciate so much, and I think all parents understand how important this is. Plus, you can turn off the hot water feature completely if you want. 

Some Primo dispensers provide ice cold, cool, warm, and hot water so you can pick which one is right for your household. 

If you are planning on shopping for a Primo water dispenser, use code WATERGOALS25 to get 25% off the dispenser and FREE fast shipping. Plus, a FREE coupon for a 5 gallon bottle of Primo water will be mailed to you and another will be in the dispenser box.

How To Make Homemade Sports Drink

This is so simple, and you probably already have everything you need in your house.

Okay, first go get your Primo water bottle refilled. Now you probably have everything. 

It’s freshly squeezed orange juice, lemon juice, raw honey, and Himalayan pink salt. Plus, the purified water. All of that gets mixed together and you can just store it in your fridge until you are super sweaty from a workout and need to restore your electrolytes. 

My kids start soccer practice next month and if you know Texas you know August is the hottest month of the entire year. I’ll have a mason jar of this in the fridge at all times because I’d rather them drink it than the store-bought sports drinks.  I know exactly what’s in it and I know it’s made with the highly purified Primo water.


Homemade Sports Drink
Prep Time
5 mins
Servings: 4 servings
  • 1 cup fresh squeezed orange juice
  • 1/2 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 3 tbsp raw honey
  • 1/2 tsp pink Himalayan salt
  • 4 cups Primo Water purified water
  1. In a mason jar (or pitcher), combine all ingredients and shake (or stir) until salt has dissolved. Refrigerate until ready to drink. Shake (or stir) before pouring. 

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Primo water.

Homemade Sports Drink - skip the store-bought (and the single use plastic bottles!) and make your own sports drink with purified water, fresh orange juice, lemon juice, honey, and pink Himalayan salt.