I made 6, yes 6, king cakes this year. They were all hideous. I’m pretty sure I just wasn’t supposed to make them.

I wanted to make beautiful braided king cakes with bright sprinkles and then stand back and ooh and aah over how amazing I am (ha!). I started looking for king cake babies shortly after the new year. I mean, I’d assume the city that gave us Mardi Gras (true story) would be well stocked with babies. Nope. Hobby Lobby has had their Mardi Gras stuff out since before Thanksgiving but no babies.

I should’ve taken that as a sign and just given up on my king cake hopes.

So I wandered into a Mardi Gras warehouse one day where I finally found these freaky gold babies. And ended up with 30 of them. Because they wouldn’t just sell me one baby.

From there, everything else went wrong. My dough was sticky. They rose too much. The filling oozed out. The glaze didn’t stick because I was rushed and put it on right out of the oven. Or all of the above, like the one up top.

Next year! Next year I will make a beautiful king cake. I promise.



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