It’s been a long time since I made banana bread. I got into the habit of only buying enough bananas to get us through the week and what’s the fun in that? The best thing about bananas is knowing that there’s going to come a time when the bananas are so brown that you absolutely have to bake something.

I haven’t really been on that quest to be the perfect banana bread. I mean, sure, I enjoy trying new recipes and get excited when I find a good one but odds are I’ll never go back and make the same recipe again (unless we’re talking Dorie’s banana cake, different story completely). Anyway, even though I wasn’t on that quest, I did find it. The best banana bread ever.

The only way to describe the texture of this bread is silky. It bakes up completely different from any other quick bread I’ve made and I guess I can thank the cream cheese for that. The flavor is perfect, not too much banana or too little, and the nuts add the perfect contrast to the silky smooth bread. This is one banana bread recipe that I actually can see myself making over and over again.


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