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  1. Cookbook Queen
    Jun 17, 2014

    my husband isn’t deployed, but I know exactly what you mean. When he works late or goes out of town I never cook just for the kids and I. But this pasta looks SO fabulous. Total comfort food :)

    • Janelle Parker
      Jun 17, 2014

      I have never been in a situation like yours, but I can understand the loneliness and lack of desire to cook. I am happy that you were able to find, or make up this casserole. It looks yummy and I am going to make it tonight. It is so important for you to feed your family with healthy meals, even when dad is gone. You go girl, you are on the right track.

  2. Crystal | Apples & Sparkle
    Jun 17, 2014

    This does look like a comforting dish, and when it comes to leftovers, these are the good kind for sure. : )

  3. Shannon @ Bake.Frost.Repeat
    Jun 17, 2014

    This looks amazing and I’m totally pinning it to my Dinner board.

  4. Gerry @ Foodness Gracious
    Jun 18, 2014

    I totally agree, when my wife travels I just don’t get the vibe to make a big meal because I know it’ll be leftovers (and I hate leftovers :) but this noodle bake would be whacked by my kids..I’m making this for sure!

  5. Doris Roberts
    Jun 18, 2014

    It looks like a great dish and I will try it this weekend. I have never been enlisted, but I am a DoD employee who has seen co-workers deployed. Praying for the quick and safe return of your husband.

  6. nicole @ I am a Honey Bee
    Jun 18, 2014

    Everything is better with sour cream. I would devour this. Plus it is a great dinner option for us as I’m getting tired of making dinner every night while juggling Autumn, the dog, a bath, and walk in a span of like 2 1/2 hrs. I’m planning on fast food tonight. ha!

  7. Chelsea @chelseasmessyapron
    Jun 18, 2014

    Haha! Ice cream totally counts for dinner :) My husband travels every week for work so I totally get that. I hate making a huge meal and all the leftovers. This noodle bake I’m sure wouldn’t have too many leftovers though – it looks perfect!

  8. Nutmeg Nanny
    Jul 15, 2014

    Ummmm you can come live with me. 6 kinds of homemade ice cream TOTALLY counts as cooking. This dish looks awesome too. It’s the type of food I would crave for leftover breakfast…I know I’m weird.

  9. Amy
    Jul 31, 2014

    What temperature do you cook this? Love the pics, and thanks to your husband for serving and protecting our country!

    • amanda
      Jul 31, 2014

      Oh goodness, I don’t know how I missed that! It’s 350F. :)

      • jennie
        Feb 06, 2015

        Can’t put cottage cheese in…is there anything to substitute?

      • Court
        Feb 06, 2015

        What about ricotta cheese?

  10. Jaz
    Jan 25, 2015

    How many servings is that? I have a pot luck to go to Friday and this sounds AMAZING! !

    • amanda
      Jan 27, 2015

      I think it’d be 6 – 8 servings. Sorry, I’m not much help in that department. My boys eat so much that something like this easily becomes only 4 servings! But I think with normal people, you could get at least 6 servings.

  11. Kat
    Feb 08, 2015

    This dinner was awesome! Leftovers were great too. I used ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese though, since I had some leftover ricotta I had no other plans for. Will be making again. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Diane Lindall
    May 17, 2015

    I have made something similar, but mine has cream cheese with the sour cream/cottage cheese and no cheddar on top…this sounds just as tasty..a must-try! Thanks for sharing.

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