Happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing weekend and your week is off to a great start!

We’ve been having crazy storms recently that have made us cancel most of our outdoor plans. So when our local frugal blog posted about free military admission to the county fair on Saturday, I jumped at the opportunity to get out of the house.

It was free! We had to go!

And then we spent $80 to ride the rides. You got me, El Paso County Fair.

You got me good.

Buuuuuut, it was totally worth it to watch my 7 year old almost poo his pants on his first upside-down ride after insisting that he wouldn’t be scared at all.

But anyway, yesterday we had homemade popsicles while we (they) played in the mud that all these storms have created.

I finally broke down and bought popsicle molds after seeing so many great recipes this summer. And the first one was Strawberry-Watermelon Popsicles because I have been obsessed with all things watermelon this summer. Except actual fresh watermelon. Bleh.

These popsicles are just watermelon, strawberries, lemon juice, and a tiny bit of sugar. My kids loved them and I liked knowing where all the ingredients came from. Win all around!

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Strawberry-Watermelon Popsicles
  • 1 pound seedless watermelon cubed
  • 4 ounce strawberries hulled and halved
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
  1. Add the watermelon to your blender and puree (you might need to do this in batches). Strain the pureed watermelon through a fine-mesh strainer into a large measuring cup (press on the solids to extract as much liquid as possible. Repeat with the strawberries, straining if the seeds bother you. Add the sugar and lime juice to the measuring cup and whisk to dissolve the sugar completely.
  2. Pour into your popsicle molds. Freeze for 30 minutes, then insert the popsicle sticks. Freeze completely then serve.

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