How cute are these?!

I have been meaning to make these candy corn cookies for probably 3 years now but I always forget about them! I’m so happy that I finally managed to get it done.

These are just sugar cookies and believe it or not, they’re SO simple. You make a single batch of sugar cookies dough, divide it into 3, dye two of the pieces orange and yellow, and then layer them in a loaf pan. After that you just have to chill, slice, and bake! See?! Easy! And everyone you share them with will ask you if you bought the refrigerated seasonal cookie dough and you’ll get to smile and say, “Nope, I’m just amazing.”

I normally use lemon extract in my sugar cookies but went with almond this time since it seems more fallish. Use whatever you enjoy though!


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Candy Corn Cookies
  • one batch sugar cookie dough
  • yellow and orange food coloring
  • sanding sugar coarse raw sugar, or sprinkles (optional)
  1. Divide prepared sugar cookie dough into three equal portions. Leave one as is and color one other portion yellow and another portion orange.
  2. Line a standard loaf pan with plastic wrap. Gently press layer of uncolored dough into bottom of pan and smooth flat, keeping it at least 1/2-3/4 inches high (you don’t have to use the whole pan if you have a small batch of dough) or larger if desired. Layer orange dough on top of previous layer and smooth. Finally layer yellow dough and smooth on top. Wrap plastic over dough and chill until firm, 30-60 minutes in freezer or 1-2 hours in fridge. Or you can store the dough in fridge for 2-3 days before baking.
  3. Remove plastic and slice loaf into 1/4 inch slices. Trim top of slice to make straight line. Cut each slice into triangle shape and dip top side in sugar if desired. Bake according to sugar cookie directions. Cool completely.



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