Cranberry Margaritas - the perfect holiday drink recipe! So easy and so delicious!

The big day is this week!

Is your table set? Are you ready?!

I am definitely not and I’ll probably be up most nights this week. But that’s part of the fun, right? I enjoy the hectic Thanksgiving rush!

I also enjoy a good cocktail on Thanksgiving and I’ll be making these Cranberry Margaritas at some point tomorrow.

Cranberry Margaritas - the perfect holiday drink recipe! So easy and so delicious!

One of my favorite cocktail tricks is Agave In The Raw®. You know when you see a drink recipe and it calls for simple syrup and you’re like, “Ugggghhhh, I have to make simple syrup?! THE WORST!”

You can totally skip that when you use Agave In The Raw because it’s already syrupy and delicious. It’s also 25% sweeter than sugar so a little bit goes a long way. In this recipe, which makes 4 drinks, I only used 2 tablespoons of Agave In The Raw. Had I made a simple syrup with sugar, I would’ve used a whole lot more than 2 tablespoons.

It’s also gluten free and has a low glycemic index, as well.

Plus, and most importantly, it’s delicious! I love using it in baked goods, too!

For more info on Agave In The Raw or to find more recipes using it, check out the website! Find coupons for your favorite In The Raw products here! You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube.

Cranberry Margaritas - the perfect holiday drink recipe! So easy and so delicious!

These Cranberry Margaritas are seriously delicious and are sure to put you in a holiday mood. They are also so simple to prepare – just dump all ingredients in a blender and strain before serving! It doesn’t get any easier!

I hope you guys have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Cranberry Margaritas - the perfect holiday drink recipe! So easy and so delicious!

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Hi guys! Happy almost Friday!

I’ve been having a thing with sangria recently. I think I’ve made more sangria since we moved to Texas than I’ve made in the last 5 years. I’m blaming the heat.

Speaking of the heat, it’s the middle of October. Why is it still 100 degrees? I don’t like it and I need it to change immediately. There are sweaters that need to be worn.

This Pear Pomegranate Sangria is definitely my favorite for fall. The pears have been so good lately and I just couldn’t resist throwing them in some wine with pomegranate juice and brandy. You could totally add in some pomegranate arils too but I just don’t dig them in sangria.

If you are the kind of person that requires a drink or 4 on Thanksgiving (are there really people who don’t?), this is it! Prep it the night before and it’ll be ready to go as soon as the crazy relatives start showing up.

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Peanut Butter White Hot Chocolate - white chocolate and peanut butter hot chocolate recipe!

Hey guys!

Guess what. It’s been almost chilly here in Texas this week! I went for a run yesterday morning (hard to believe, I know) and didn’t feel like I was running through a bowl of pea soup. It was amazing.

Also, it’s so easy to run in Texas compared to Colorado. Still moving back though. ASAP. And by ASAP I mean probably 15 years from now.

Anyway, I haven’t been drinking coffee at home recently for whatever reason but I’ve still been craving something warm and sweet and delicious every morning. So I’m on a hot chocolate kick and have tried every combination you can imagine with basically everything in my baking cabinet.

This one is my favorite and I’ve made it for, like, 5 mornings in a row!

Peanut Butter White Hot Chocolate - white chocolate and peanut butter hot chocolate recipe!

Have you tried the Jif Peanut Powder?

It’s the secret ingredient in this Peanut Butter White Hot Chocolate! It dissolves into the hot chocolate and creates the most perfect cup of hot chocolate you can imagine!

I’ve been into Jif Peanut Butter since I first found out about it. Powdered peanut butter is something I can get behind! It’s perfect for adding that peanut butter flavor to smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes, or you can even bake with it! Plus, it has 85% less fat than traditional peanut butter but still has 7 – 9 grams of protein per serving!

If you are interested in trying Jif Peanut Powder, Smucker’s has a $1 off coupon on! And when you get your bag of Peanut Powder, make sure you try this Peanut Butter White Hot Chocolate!

Peanut Butter White Hot Chocolate - white chocolate and peanut butter hot chocolate recipe!

Peanut Butter White Hot Chocolate - white chocolate and peanut butter hot chocolate recipe!

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Happy Thursday!

I can’t believe it’s already September! But just because it’s after Labor Day doesn’t mean summer fun has to be over!

Guys, I have the easiest and tastiest cocktail for you today. Two ingredients. Two! All you need is ginger ale and Pinnacle® Raspberry vodka!

How much do you love the Pinnacle® flavored vodkas? They are the only vodka with over 40 playful flavors. We’re talking things like Whipped®, Habanero, and even Pecan and Pumpkin Pie. They offer premium quality at a price that won’t break the bank. And they are so delicious! I love that when you use the Pinnacle® flavored vodkas, you can just add one or 2 mixers and you have a yummy cocktail. Like this one!

I’m obsessed with raspberries every summer so obviously I went with a Raspberry vodka drink for this post. This easy cocktail is seriously just ginger ale (I used diet, because #bikiniseason all year long in Texas) and the vodka. It’s perfect for serving at a party or at a weekend picnic with friends – just mix the two ingredients together in a pitcher and serve over ice! Or with a fruit popsicle!

And most importantly when making a cocktail, you have to take a cute cocktail selfie for Instagram (or Twitter or Facebook or whatever you use)! Make sure to tag your #CocktailSelfie!

Pinnacle® Picnic Punch Recipe


1 part Pinnacle® Raspberry Vodka
3 parts Ginger Ale


  1. Mix ingredients and serve with fruit popsicles as ice.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Beam Suntory Inc. sent me a bottle of Pinnacle® Raspberry Vodka to try and I absolutely love it. All content is original and all opinions are my own. All trademarks are the property of their respective owner.


Happy almost Friday!

Guys, I registered the kids for school yesterday. Didn’t school just let out?

I’m not ready for it! I need another 3 months of sleeping in and not packing lunches and not avoiding phone calls from teachers.

Don’t judge me.

Yesterday I also ordered a bunch of pumpkin and other fall Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works.

So um.

I’d really like if we could just have fall without all the not fun stuff that comes along with fall.

Last weekend I came across Nicole’s Blackberry Margaritas on Pinterest and couldn’t stop thinking about them, despite the fact that it was 9 am.

I don’t even like blackberries.

But whatever, I needed those margaritas in my life. So I loaded all the kids up (because the husband was in the field = why I needed margaritas at 9 am) and went to the store for blackberries.

Just blackberries.

I didn’t even wander around HEB, gathering samples and looking for new products. And you know that’s one of my favorite hobbies. I was wasting no time.

These were everything I’d hoped for and more. So delicious, so pretty! I already want to make them again!

For the simple syrup, you can either buy it or make your own by heating 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water, stirring until all the sugar is dissolved.

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