Yep, bringing you a grill recipe 4 days after we got 8 inches of snow. We’re those people.

In fact, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that my husband was smoking and grilling in the snow a few weeks ago. In shorts, by the way.

(He also sleds in shorts which is probably another blog post altogether.) 

It turns out that there’s a name for those of us who deal with the rain, snow, or whatever else mother nature wants to throw at us.

We’re Evergrillers. We grill year round and we strive to get the perfect char on every piece of meat no matter what the weather’s throwing at us. 

And by we, I obviously mean my husband. While I supervise from the kitchen window. 

So Kraft Barbecue Sauce has created this awesome Grill ‘N’ Flip Mitt. It’s a specially designed fire-resistant glove that protects from both the heat of the grill and the chill of winter. And you can see in my picture below that the design at the top enables you to hold onto any tool  you may need during the grilling process. 

Kraft Barbecue Sauce is also celebrating the recent launch of their revamped line of sauces with recipes that feature high-quality ingredients like tomatoes, sweet molasses, cider vinegar, and cane sugar. Plus, the bottles got a super cute makeover. 

If you’re an Evergriller, you’re gonna want to enter the giveaway Kraft Barbecue Sauce has going. One person will win their own Grill ‘N’ Flip Mitt and a year supply of Kraft Barbecue Sauce. Make sure you go HERE and enter before January 30!

Now about these Orange Barbecued Ribs … so good. To make the orange barbecue sauce, you just mix a bit of the Kraft Barbecue Sauce with some orange zest and fresh orange juice and just a dash of crushed red pepper flakes. It’s sweet and spicy and delicious. I think it would be delicious on chicken too if that’s more your style! 

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One more week, guys.

And it can’t come quick enough. If I have to hear, “NO ONE CARES ABOUT UNDER INFLATED BALLS!” out of my husband one more time, I may lose my mind.

I thought he was over his Tom Brady mancrush but no such luck.

I keep seeing so much that I want to make for the Superbowl but really, I think we’re going to our favorite Mexican place to celebrate a successful January of Paleo eating.

And by successful, I mean I only went through 4 boxes of Trader Joe’s macarons and 2 boxes of Disney Princess fruit snacks.

Hey, at least I’m not going through the Taco Bell drive-thru twice a week anymore. Right? #progress

But if you’re still looking for ideas, I’ve got a good one for you!

This Chicken Burrito Dip takes all your fave burrito fixins and make them a bubbly cheesy dip. Chicken, beans, corn, and enchilada sauce are all mixed together and topped with Monterey Jack cheese. And then you serve it with my favorite chips ever: Fritos! 

Use a grocery store rotisserie chicken to make your life really easy. Or just do what I do and throw a few boneless, skinless breasts into the crockpot for a few hours until they’re really easy to shred. 

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Happy Saturday!

I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers to bring you an awesome giveaway for TWO FitBit Flex Activity + Sleep Wristbands – one for you and one for your man, BFF, etc. Plus, a 3-pack of colored bands for both! 

If you are like most of the internet, you’ve made some sort of commitment to be healthier this year whether it’s eating, working out, sleeping better, drinking more water. The FitBit Flex will help! 

So basically, it’s a cute little bracelet that you wear 24/7 that tracks your calories, the distance you travel on foot, and your sleep! It’s seriously cool and I’m totally going to be jealous of whoever wins.

Enter below!

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Happy Friday! I’ve got a quick and easy recipe today! You can make it with your kids next time you’re snowed in or just make it for yourself and don’t share with anyone.

I won’t judge you.

We got, like, 8 inches of snow on Wednesday. Which was fun because the weatherman said we’d get 2. He has a history of playing with my emotions so I took a chance and put a ginormous mixing bowl in the background to collect snow.

By lunchtime we had a full bowl of snow and I had a sore throat from yelling at Penelope (the husky) to keep her face out the bowl every time she went out. Seriously, a yard full of snow and she wants to eat my snow?


Besides the snow, you just need a can of sweetened condensed milk! You can get fancy and add vanilla but I think it’s delicious just like this. Then you must top it with at least 1/2 a pound of sprinkles. That’s the only way to eat ice cream, right?

We had a ton of fun making it so I put another bowl out that night and it was COVERED with snow by the time I went to bed. By about 9 am, it had all melted. Because… well, welcome to Colorado. 

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This is the week that will never end.

I swear, the short weeks are the worst. Especially since we’re snowy and for whatever reason, school hasn’t been canceled or even delayed. Yesterday all of Fort Carson was on a “phased arrival for non-mission essential” whatever but the kids still had to be at school bright and early. 

Lucky for me, I have one kid that goes to a school within walking distance. So he’ll either walk with his friends or I’ll walk with him. But then the other one’s preschool is a good drive away. So I called the secretary yesterday morning and said, “I’m not driving in this.”

And she said, “Excuse me?”

And I said, “My kid’s not coming to school.”

And she said, “Ummm…..” 

So. We skipped preschool yesterday. Rebels. 

At least I called, right?

A few weeks ago, when we made our family trip to IKEA, I tortured my husband (who is doing a strict Paleo diet) by pointing out every sign for their Swedish meatballs. Neither of us have ever tried the meatballs but the pictures were enough to make us both sad that we couldn’t have any.

And I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been thinking about them ever since. 

So I made these Paleo ones which really wasn’t that hard since meatballs are just balls of meat. So pretty much Paleo to begin with. There’s no bread crumbs or anything like that but they have a great texture regardless. And the sauce has coconut milk instead of sour cream or regular cream or whatever typically goes into Swedish meatballs. 

If I put these in front of you and left out the fact that they’re Paleo, you’d never know. You get no hint of the coconut milk. They really taste like traditional Swedish meatballs. And you could totally mash or rice some cauliflower so you have something to absorb all that delicious sauce. 

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