Pasta with Sausage, Artichokes, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes - a light pasta recipe that won't weigh you down.

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Mine was spent mostly complaining about how I stayed up until midnight (I do anyway, let’s be real) on Saturday to get some #LillyforTarget stuffs and BEFORE IT WAS EVEN OFFICIALLY LIVE, it was all sold out.

Y’all. I had the dress I wanted in my cart and by the time I entered my card info, it was gone. 

The worst.

I got very little unpacking done because I was also busy watching all the shows I missed while hotel living. I am so into Younger. So good. 

Also, unpacking is annoying. 

You know how when you pack your own house, you fill a single box with all your blankets? And then you put all your dishes in a box and label it “kitchen”? And all your bathroom stuff goes in one box?

I think when we weren’t looking, our movers sprinted through the house, grabbing an item from each room, and then pulled a room out of a hat to label it. 

I found my bathroom scale in a box labeled toys, my favorite boots in a box labeled dog pillows (I mean, what is a dog pillow?!), and I still can’t find the part of my favorite lamp that holds the lampshade.

Why did they take apart a lamp and put all the pieces in different boxes, you ask?

Who knows.

Anyway, we did have this pasta over the weekend and it was absolutely delicious. It’s got three of my favorite foods: sausage, artichokes, and Parmesan! Plus pasta and sun-dried tomatoes and even some fresh basil mixed in. 

This is my idea of a good summer pasta since it’s light but still comforting. 

Pasta with Sausage, Artichokes, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes - a light pasta recipe that won't weigh you down.

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My husband and I have this really annoying habit of putting a “P” in front of any food that we make Paleo. We have entire conversations about picken puggets or papple pauce or, like this recipe, peatloaf.

(I don’t recommend this when making Paleo cornbread. That’s a good way to make things awkward real quick.)

This is our favorite Paleo Meatloaf recipe. If you’ve never made a Paleo meatloaf before, you will not understand the level of frustration that comes with it. You think it would be simple, right? I mean, the name “meatloaf” sounds like it would be Paleo. It’s a loaf. Of meat. How is that not Paleo?

I have tried dozens of different recipes and they’ve all turned out crumbly and dry or just plain gross. In most Paleo recipes, you use almond flour in place of the soaked bread or breadcrumbs that you would typically use in a regular meatloaf and since almond flour is denser, it just doesn’t work out. This one does include almond flour but since I mix only 1 cup of almond flour with 2 pounds of meat, it stays nice and moist. Because of that, you can get away with using super lean ground beef if you want.

It’s a pretty standard meatloaf recipe – just the beef, almond flour, onion, and a couple eggs. And bacon, of course. Always bacon. Bacon inside the meatloaf and bacon on top! If you are feeling extra ambitious, I totally recommend mixing up some Paleo ketchup to go on top. If you are lazy like me, mustard works just as well!

I usually make cauliflower mashed potatoes or cauliflower rice to serve alongside the meatloaf. Add some green veggies (Brussels sprouts or asparagus are my picks!) and it makes for really good, healthy comfort food. 

I’m the Paleo Fanatic over at Food Fanatic! This Paleo Meatloaf recipe is one of many I’m sharing over there so make sure you check back!

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Happy Monday! 

It’s a happy Monday indeed because today the movers come, our new couch gets delivered, AND the internet will finally be installed. 

I can’t decide if I’m more excited about the internet or the Keurig. 

I bought instant coffee but forgot that we have no pots so I’ve just been using hot water from the tap to produce lukewarm, chunky instant coffee.


So, we’re really liking the area.  Which isn’t something you hear. Ever. 

It’s really small so it’s very different from what we’re used to but it’s not nearly as bad as everyone said it was going to be. I won’t be taking leisurely strolls through Killeen any time soon but I don’t hate it. 

I miss a couple things though.

I miss having zero humidity. My hair won’t do anything I want it to.

I miss having no green stuff. No, not that green stuff. Colorado has plenty of that. 

The trees and the grass and the flowers…. ugh, they’re killing me. 

I’m allergic to trees. And grass. And probably flowers. 

But the flowers are so prettttty! 

Anyway, the boys ran out of clean clothes a few days ago and I spent a small fortune at Old Navy getting them all enough to make it through until the washer and dryer get here. 

Other than that, my life has been walks, In-N-Out, and hard cider on the back porch.

Not a bad way to live.

I made these cookies in a desperate attempt to use up all the flour (which btw, I think the movers packed the flour and I didn’t think they would and I feel like I should probably just throw it away because it’s been in storage for over a week now. Ewww…?) and I was pretty happy that I did.

There is almost nothing Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies can’t fix. These were so delicious and I kind of wish I had some now. They may be the first things I make when I get all my kitchen stuff unpacked! 

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We made it to Fort Hood!

And to make it even more exciting, Fort Hood housing called us when we were still 7 hours away and said our house was ready 2 days early! 

Yeah, we ended up going with on post housing. I had just heard such mixed reviews about the surrounding cities and didn’t want to risk it. Plus, the housing is really nice. Especially compared to Fort Carson! 

Flashing back to when we had our old house, we had two days of packing and moving and then the carpet cleaners had to come in and do whatever they do. 

Cleaning the carpets, I assume.

But anyway, that was the end of 2 very long days since we have kids and dogs that needed to be kept out of the way. Plus, Penelope got loose twice and if you know a husky, you know that they won’t come back when you call them no matter how much they love you.

(I found her. Eating someone’s garbage. Both times.)

We decided that being done with our house was a Lobsterworthy Occasion and headed down to Red Lobster.

Have you seen #LobsterWorthy? People are sharing all the everyday moments that they consider worthy of lobster and it’s really cool to scroll through. 


Lobsterfest is currently going on at Red Lobster and I’m sure you know what that means. It’s the one time of year that Red Lobster guests can choose from the largest variety of lobster dishes on the menu. It’s Red Lobster’s best and most celebratory limited time special. 

Special lobster dishes at reasonable prices in a cute seaside atmosphere? I’m there! 

I, of course, started out with the Lobster Punch! It’s available exclusively during Lobsterfest and I couldn’t pass it up. It features features Malibu Red, pineapple juice and mango passion fruit mix, topped with Myers’s Dark Rum.

And for a starter we got the Lobster-Artichoke-and-Seafood Dip which is available all year, not just during Lobsterfest. It was delicious – look at those giant chunks of lobster! 

For dinner, my husband went with the Ultimate Feast! It has a split Maine lobster tail, steamed North American snow crab legs, garlic shrimp scampi and Walt’s Favorite Shrimp. My husband was a happy camper after all that.

I ordered the Ultimate Surf and Turf (the very top photo in this post) which came with a Maine lobster tail baked with crab-and-seafood stuffing, paired with a peppercorn-seasoned grilled sirloin topped with Maine lobster meat in a citrus-hollandaise sauce. It was unbelievably good. 

And yes, I order french fries with literally everything I eat.

Lobsterfest is only going on for a limited time so make sure you check it out at Red Lobster soon! And when you go, use #LobsterWorthy on social media to share your celebration!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


We’ve spent a full week in the hotel now. You know how these things start out super fun and then by day 5 you really feel like you’ve lost your mind? That happened. 

If I channeled my inner Bridget Jones and wrote about each day, diary-style, it’d look a little something like this:


Day 2: Still fun! Free breakfast! Free Nutrigrain bars! 

Day 3: A queen bed is definitely not big enough for 3 people and a Clementine.

Day 4: Penelope pooped for the first time since we moved into the hotel. Hooray! Husband still not cleared to leave. FML. 

Day 5: Shattered my iPhone screen. FML.

Day 6: Almost went to jail after dog park incident. FML. 

Today’s day 7. I think we’re leaving this morning. Maybe. 

I never thought I’d be excited to leave Colorado.

Anyway, it hasn’t all been bad. The weather’s been amazing! The hotel on Fort Carson has playgrounds so the kids have been entertained besides that one day when it randomly snowed. 

Also, how did anyone travel before WiFi? 

I would have never survived. I think about the days when my parents had a legit map in the car when we went on vacay… like, my nightmare. 

So like I said, if my husband is finally cleared to leave, we’re making the drive to Texas today and we’re gonna hustle so we can get there in time to grab In-n-Out for dinner. 

You better believe that In-n-Out is the most exciting thing about moving to Texas! I’m gonna be there every day. 

I made these Blueberry Lemon Sweet Rolls with Lemon Cream Cheese Glaze a few weeks back and meant to have them posted before Easter so you could make them for your family but man, hotel life. 

These are so good though! I looooove a lemon sweet roll BUT ONLY if it has a cream cheese glaze on top. 

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