How To Get Millions of Pinterest Followers


Okay, ya’ll.

It’s time to talk about this.

I’ve been avoiding doing this for years but since I get multiple emails everyday about how I got over 4 millions Pinterest followers, I guess it’s finally time to put this out there.

And I’m terrified. I started this draft back in January and have deleted the entire post several times because it’s really hard for me to talk about this without feeling like a turd.

I’m sorry I said “turd” on my food blog.

I’m putting this up on a Friday so that if you guys revolt and start sending me mean emails, I can pretend to be doing weekendy things. But please don’t send me mean emails. Pretty please?

I promise I’m not trying to be an annoying know-it-all.

Truth be told, I think a lot of it was right place, right time. I joined Pinterest when it was invite only and I pinned a lot so I imagine that when it was opened up to everyone, my pins were pretty much all over Pinterest. You basically had no choice but to follow me.

But there are a few things that have worked for me and helped me to gain over 4 million followers. I talk a lot about food pins because that’s what I do but if your thing is fashion or decor or whatever, you can definitely apply these tips to what you do.

Here we go.

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You guys, the weather.

It literally rained all day yesterday. While never making it out of the 50s.

What is this.

It reminds me of that time last summer when my husband was on 24-hour duty and somehow his humvee got swept away by a flash flood. He came home soaking wet at 1 am and I was all “HOW IS YOUR PHONE?!” and he just stared at me for awhile before saying, “That Private and I almost died!”

And then I said “No, but really, how’s your phone?”

Not because I don’t care but because… in what world does a HUMVEE get swept away in a FLASH FLOOD in COLORADO?

I didn’t full understand what happened until they had to go dig the vehicle out of the mud the next day and sent photos.

And yeah, we totally had to buy a new phone.

In honor of Colorado’s weather being stupid and ruining the last full week of summer for us, I made margaritas! Margaritas make everything better!

These guava margaritas are super delicious – they just taste like summer! My only complaint is that the guava nectar I used wasn’t bright pink, but hey, it still tastes like guava and that’s the important part!

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One reason I’m not 100% convinced my children are actually mine is that they don’t like tacos.

A few weeks ago – you know, when we were 2 hours early for a fair that’s an hour away and were in a town that literally only has a general store so we had to drive 20 minutes to find the nearest restaurant – we went out for Mexican and while I had delicious Tacos Al Pastor, all 3 of them ordered…


Yeah, this is my life.

So making anything that even slightly resembles a taco is always risky.

We made these Walking Tacos last week mainly because I required a margarita (coming tomorrow!) for Big Brother and I can’t really have margarita without a taco. My kids LOVED them. They literally walked circles in the living while eating them. Because why sit with your Walking Taco when you can walk circles?

We ran out of Fritos after the first night so the next day, they put the rest of the taco meat on Cool Ranch Doritos.

These are super simple and are perfect for feeding a crowd. If you serve them with plastic utensils, you’ll have no clean-up to do!

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My kid start school next week, y’all! It hit me yesterday and I rushed around trying to get shots for the 4 year old and then get school supplies for the 7 year old. I’m just amazed at how fast summer went.

But you know what that means!


I’m super excited about snow. Super, super, super excited. I think if there was a competition to see who in the world loves snow the most, it’d be me. Followed closely by the idiot husky.

One thing I am going to miss about summer is the berries. This is the first year that I’ve actually liked raspberries – isn’t that weird? Like, I used to think they were seedy and gross (like blackberries – bleh!) but this year, I am all about them. And I’m sad because they’re already at that point where they’re mushy before you even buy them! My raspberries were so leaky this week that I walked around the entire grocery store with a big red streak down my nose before my 7 year old said, “Hey mom, is that makeup on your nose?”

Thanks kid.

I bought a big thing of blueberries this week too and thankfully got a lot of use out of them before they started to turn on me. I threw what we had left into these Blueberry Crumb Bars!

I love anything with a crumb topping, especially anything fruity! These are delicious and really simple to make.

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I’m sorry for clogging your arteries first thing in the morning.

See, this is why I stick to pretty basic stuff on the blog. Because when someone gives me permission to go nuts, I do.

This is all Kita’s fault. She has been hosting an epic Burger Month and literally said to us “Make it epic!”

So. Much. Pressure.

I don’t know if Colorado Omelets are actually a thing or just a thing that IHOP created to have something else on their menu but basically it’s an omelet filled with beef, bacon, sausage, green peppers, onions, cheese and then you cover it in salsa.

I love them.

I love them so much that I made them into a burger.

So the burger has the beef in the burger (duh), the bacon, sautéed green peppers and onions, white cheddar cheese, and a yolky egg on top. And then you pour salsa all over it.

(I had sausage links cooked up but decided I needed to rein myself in.)

It’s messy and delicious and as someone who believes that more is more on burgers, I was a big fan. A big, messy fan.

Check below the recipe for a fun giveaway!

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