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Throw a fabulous party with an Ice Cream Sundae Bar!

Happy Wednesday, y’all! I’ve got the PERFECT treat for this amazingly warm weather we’ve been having recently. 

Ice Cream Sundae Bar!

I put this together over the weekend after my kids had been outside playing with their friends for, like, 8 hours. I went to Walmart for all my toppings and the star of the show, DREYER’S Frozen Custard.

I have always loved frozen custard and I’m pretty stoked that it’s now easily accessible thanks to DREYER’S. It is extra thick and creamy which is exactly why I love it. Plus it’s made with fresh milk and has no artificial colors or flavors!

DREYER’S Frozen Custard comes in so many fun flavors, too! I picked up Old Fashioned Vanilla (the sundae at the very bottom of the post) and Strawberry Shortcake (directly below) – I’m a vanilla person and my husband is all about the Strawberry Shortcake. And oh my gosh, the pieces of shortcake and the strawberry swirls in Strawberry Shortcake are absolutely divine! 

Other flavors of DREYER’S Frozen Custard include: Chocolate Malt, Mint Cookies N’ Cream, and Peanut Butter Pie (next on my list!). 

Putting together an ice cream sundae bar is so easy and it is so much fun for the whole family! You can basically use whatever you want but I think you should have a good combo of sauces, like hot fudge, and then some candy, like peanut butter cups, and then you have to have cherries! What’s a sundae without a cherry on top?!

Walmart is doing in store DREYER’S Frozen Custard demos across the country March 26 – 29 and you can find out if your local Walmart is participating by checking this spreadsheet. Also, be sure to check out the DREYER’S Facebook page and Pinterest page

Throw a fabulous party with an Ice Cream Sundae Bar!

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Blood Orange Bellinis - the perfect brunch drink!


I don’t know about you but my favorite thing about Easter is brunch. And my favorite thing about brunch is bellinis. 

Last year I went to THE WORLD’S WORST EASTER EGG HUNT (not the actual name) where adults were pushing kids out of the way to get to eggs. My kids came home with 2 eggs. Between the 3 of them. 

If you live on Fort Carson, avoid the egg hunt at all costs. I still have nightmares about it.

I could’ve used a bellini or two that day.

This year, we’ll be hotel living. Possibly in Texas, possibly in Colorado. What I know for sure is that I’ll definitely need bellinis. 

And probably a few bags of white chocolate Cadbury Mini Eggs. 

Anyway, I’m obviously still obsessed with blood oranges. I’m on my 3rd bag and I’ve yet to actually eat one. We’ve had lots of fresh juice, margaritas, and now bellinis. 

These Blood Orange Bellinis are so yummy and so easy! All you need is the blood oranges and a bottle of Prosecco!

Blood Orange Bellinis - the perfect brunch drink!

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Cheesy Pasta with Roasted Caulfilower is a hearty meatless meal filled with delicious veggies!

This is the first of two meatless recipes this week. Things are getting weird. 

So how was your weekend? Hopefully fabulous! I stupidly scheduled a vet appointment for Clementine at 7:15 yesterday morning. It’s never a good idea to make an appointment that early on a Sunday. Good news though, we only have this week and then it’s SPRING BREAK. And then the kids may or may not go back to school after that. Still waiting for papers to be signed so we know which day we can get the heck out of here. 

Yesterday I also officially started cleaning out the house. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years. I found one of those cell phones with the pull out keyboard in our junk drawer – like, how old is that?! Why do we still have it?! 

I spent a good portion of the day just filling bags with stuff to either throw away or donate. I’m starting to panic because it just seems like so. much. stuff. and it’s stuff that we’ve just shoved into closets or drawers because we don’t even use it. I need it all out of here!

Aaaaand I started listening to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up while I cleaned. Mostly because I’ve heard that the author talks about your socks needing a vacation. My socks and I are pretty excited to hear all about that.

Today I wanted to talk about my favorite ways to unwind. I inherited the magazine gene from my mom so I loooooove to settle in with a good magazine. And I have different magazines that I use for different occasions. Like, I buy Real Simple® every month specifically to read at kids’ practices or when I’m waiting in the school pick-up. I picked these up at Target earlier in the month and devoured both of them one night. So relaxing. 

I also love unwinding in the kitchen. There is nothing better than putting earbuds in, blocking out the rest of the world, and cooking for the fun of it. I love when I have a solid block of a couple hours where I can just cook what I want and then I also love getting the kitchen all cleaned up afterwards.

I pulled this recipe from the March issue of All You® and the roasted cauliflower just drew me in. It’s pasta (recipe calls for penne – I have 7 boxes of weird shaped pasta that need to get used in the next couple weeks) with kale and the roasted cauliflower and then it’s all covered in a cheesy cream sauce. With more cheese on top.


It was so delicious. Roasted cauliflower is just so good. And then you add in two of my faves – kale and Parmesan – and you’ve got a perfect meal!

If you are like me and enjoy magazines, Target has an awesome deal going right now. You save $2 when you buy 2 participating magazines (All You®, Real Simple®, PEOPLE®). No coupon needed! This offer is good until March 28, 2015. While supplies last. 

You can also save 15% on select special issue magazines which include PEOPLE® Crimes of Passion, National Geographic® 100 Journeys of a Lifetime, TIME® Mark Twain, LIFE® Lincoln while using the Target Cartwheel app. This offer available until April 7, 2015. While supplies last. 

Cheesy Pasta with Roasted Caulfilower is a hearty meatless meal filled with delicious veggies!

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Did you realize that Easter is only 3 weeks away?

I mean, how crazy is that? Didn’t the year just start? How is it almost April?

Easter is my favorite holiday to cook for because, well, I feel like it’s the easiest. There’s no “How am I going to fit all the casseroles in the oven?!” issues like at Thanksgiving. You know what I mean?

And to make Easter even easier, I love going to HoneyBaked for a few items. HoneyBaked has a variety of premium products that are convenient and easy to serve which makes them perfect for a holiday meal.

It does not get better than a HoneyBaked Ham. Look that at sweet crunchy crust! Each ham is slow-smoked for over 20 hours and then hand-glazed in store. The one you see below is the mini ham which serves 6 – 8 but they also have a larger Half Ham that serves 12 – 20. Best part? You simply pull it out of the fridge about 30 minutes before serving. No cooking, no need to warm it, nothing. 

(They also have a Turkey Breast that comes smoked or roasted if you aren’t into ham.) 

I picked up a couple sides while I was there and I highly recommend both of them. I got the Macaroni and Cheese and the Broccoli Bacon Bliss. The Macaroni and Cheese can either be warmed in the oven or the microwave and the Broccoli Bacon Bliss is a cold salad that comes ready to serve! My family loves both but we especially love that Broccoli Bacon Bliss. 

HoneyBaked has several other side dish options plus desserts! And rolls! And even cinnamon rolls! (Sides and desserts may vary based on location.)

Along with buying a few items to make your Easter day easy, I highly recommend getting the bulk of your work done ahead of time. Like I said, Easter’s easy compared to other holidays – pasta salads, bread for ham sandwiches… that kind of stuff can be made ahead of time. 

Speaking of sandwiches, that’s one thing my family loves to do. Instead of doing a huge feast, we’ll do a sandwich bar with ham and turkey, a couple cheese choices, and all the fixins. And then we’ll just do a salad on the side and call it a day. It’s delicious and so much less work than a big dinner! 

Easter’s also really easy when it comes to decorating. Fresh flowers, dyed eggs, and anything bright and cheery! 

If you have kids, you probably end up with 30 dyed eggs like I do. What are you supposed to do with so many hardboiled eggs? Deviled eggs, of course! Always a crowd-pleaser, too! I can honestly say I’ve never had deviled eggs leftover after a party. I’ve got a Southwestern Deviled Egg recipe and a Caesar Deviled Egg recipe if you’re looking for something new to try. And like I mentioned earlier, these can definitely be made ahead of time! 

Let me know if you have other Easter tips – I can always use more!

If you’re wanting to get a HoneyBaked Ham or Turkey Breast for your Easter dinner, I’ve got a $5 off $50 coupon that is valid until April 4, 2015! 

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Tomorrow’s Pi Day! 

You know, an excuse to eat pi(e). 

(Fun fact: I love these nerdy holidays. I once made the most epic Britney Spears themed Mole Day poster and was devastated on the last day of 10th grade when I went to retrieve the poster to hang on my bedroom wall and my chemistry teacher was all, “Yeahhhh… no, I’m gonna keep that one.”) 

Anyway, you guys know I hate making pie. Every Thanksgiving we talk about how I am most definitely not making any pie and then two days later, I begrudgingly make a pie. And complain about it the entire time.

But for Pi Day, I teamed up with Crisco and they sent me some of their Crisco Baking Sticks and their Classic Pie Crust recipe – guys, I made pie and didn’t complain about it at all! I love a pie crust made with shortening anyway but this recipe and Crisco Baking Sticks made pie-making so easy!

I decided to make a Chocolate Pudding Pie because it’s been AGES since I’ve had one and who doesn’t love pudding pie?! Super easy to make – the hardest part is waiting for it to chill! 

Be sure to like the Crisco Facebook page for a special Pi Day coupon for the Crisco Baking Sticks so you can celebrate Pi Day, too! Also, use my Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win a Crisco Pi(e) Day baking kit giveaway package worth $75! There will be 3 winners – yay!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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