Cantaloupe Coconut Margarita - your new favorite frozen summer cocktail! Fresh cantaloupe, coconut milk, lime juice, and tequila!

We have less than 3 weeks until school starts.


I can survive it.

I think.

Summer is fun but summer is hard. Especially if you work from your kitchen table.

I had no idea my children were full of so many questions.

Plus, I miss the little things. Like, a quick trip to the grocery store for limes and eggs that doesn’t end in a total meltdown because someone wants a Lunchables.

Or a day trip to Austin just because I’m bored and I got all my work turned in ahead of deadline.

Or, you know, just not having to talk to anyone for several hours.

I miss these things.

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Homemade Strawberry Milk - make a homemade version of your childhood fave! So easy and so delicious!

A few weeks ago my oldest kid came home from a sleepover and was all, “GUESS WHAT I HAD FOR DINNER LAST NIGHT! CHICKEN POT PIE!”

And as someone who, in recent history, spent several hours making Ina’s chicken pot pie only to be told, “Eww, this is gross!”, put my hands on my hips and said, “You don’t like chicken pot pie.”

To which he said, “Yeah, but this one was from a box. I made it in the microwave!”

And then I kicked him out of the house and haven’t heard from him since.

Why are kids jerks? I mean, really? A boxed pot pie? Over Ina’s?


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What to Eat in New Orleans - the favorites of a frequent New Orleans traveler!

I’m finally getting around to talking about the roadtrip the boys and I took back in June.

I know, get your life together, Amanda.

I’ve been struggling with talking about more personal stuff because part of me felt like I’d been lying to you guys since January. And yay, now you know, and we can go back to me telling you way too much about my life.

(PS, Yes, we are in the process of divorce. I’ll tell you why I haven’t left Fort Hood soon. And I’ll start responding to all the emails I received about that post soon, I promise. My life has been a mess for the past 6 months and I’m forever behind on everything. But thank you for all the kind emails. They mean more than I can say.)

So, yeah, New Orleans! My favorite aunt and uncle and cousins live right outside of New Orleans and now that I’m within a day drive, it’s been nice to be able to escape there. If I didn’t have so many dogs, I’d be there right now.

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Loaded Cauliflower Mac and Cheese - cauliflower tossed in a delicious paleo cheese sauce and topped with bacon. Get your mac and cheese fix without the guilt!

Heeeey guys! Happy Monday!

How was the weekend?

I discovered that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is now on Netflix and umm, it changed my life. You guys. No one told me that it’s a musical series.

A musical!

Anyway, it’s really good and I’m not gonna tell you how many episodes I watched while I was catching up on some work that I’m waaaay behind on.

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Best of the Summer Grill Recipes!


Tomorrow is August 1.


How did this happen?

I’m actually really torn on how I feel about it. Like, I need my kids to go back to school. I haven’t had my hair highlighted since May because I’m too cheap to pay for a babysitter 90% of the time and I’m getting real sick of hearing “Can we have a snack?” every 15 minutes.

Real sick of it, y’all.

But I really love summer and the heat and the s’mores and grilling and the beaches. And also? This year is going by really fast and it’d be nice if it slowed down just a little bit.

So yeah, I’m torn.

Anyway, my blogging friends and I made a list of all our favorite grilling recipes. There’s lot of meat plus a couple desserts and I contributed a cocktail.


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